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Holly Bennett, author


I'm the author of eight young adult novels, all published by Orca Book Publishers. My latest novels are Drawn Away and Casting Lily.


My books include: the Bonemender fantasy series (The Bonemender, The Bonemender's Oath, and The Bonemender's Choice), two novels inspired by Irish mythology (The Warrior's Daughter and Shapeshifter), Redwing, a medieval(ish) ghost story, and Drawn Away, a novel that brings together Hans Christian Andersen's Little Match Girl and a contemporary teen. Yes, I do seem to be inexplicably drawn to the magical, the mythical, and the just plain weird! 


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each novel, including an excerpt.


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Redwing YA novel by Holly Bennett


THE PLAGUE has taken Rowan's family. Alone and grief-stricken, he lives and travels in his family's old caravan, eking out a living by playing his button box in small towns. But everything changes when he meets Samik, a young musician from the Tarzine lands, who claims to be able to see Rowan's dead sister, Ettie. Not sure what to believe, but also not willing to let go of what could be the last link to his family, Rowan forms an alliance with Samik, unaware that he is putting himself in grave danger. 


"Holly Bennett has crafted a wonderfully exciting story with great characters that the reader will cheer for . . . The story moves quickly, with many tense moments that will keep readers turning the pages to a surprising and satisfying conclusion."                                                    – CM Magazine

Shapeshifter YA novel by Holly Bennett


A WOMAN trapped in the body of a deer. A dark sorcerer in relentless pursuit. A mysterious child, found alone on the slopes of a great mountain.


Set in the wild, magical landscape of Iron-Age Ireland, Shapeshifter is a tale of rapacious evil, quiet courage and the healing power of love. 


Shapeshifter is the story of Sive, a young woman from a magical realm who became the Irish hero Finn mac Cumhail's first wife. At first I thought it was a story about fear and lost love. But as I got to know Sive better, I realized that it is really a story about courage, and about love's transformative power. Like any good character, there is more to her than first meets the eye.

The Warrior's Daughter novel by Holly Bennett


WHEN THE GREAT Irish warrior, Cuchulainn, returns from war near death, his daughter, Luaine, takes her first painful steps toward an adult life unlike anything she has imagined.


As she faces loss, betrayal, suffering and fear, Luaine must find a strength that comes neither from the sword nor from her proud parentage, but from her own courageous spirit.


“Luaine’s tale... is a story of loss, betrayal and suffering; but it is also a story of redemption and hope. Holly Bennett becomes, book by book, an ever more accomplished writer of fantasy whose worlds are so real that the reader can see and understand a completely different world, yet sense the same universal gifts of courage, intelligence and compassion that we look for in contemporary settings.”
– Deakin Newsletter


The Bonemender's Choice by Holly Bennett
The Bonemender's Oath by Holly Bennett
The Bonemender YA novel by Holly Bennett


GABRIELLE IS A BONEMENDER of extraordinary talent. Between her work as a healer and her duties as one of the royal family of Verdeau, her life is busy, comfortable and predictable—until the day a stranger arrives at her gate, desperately seeking help for his injured friend. To Gabrielle's wonder, they are Elves, a people not seen in Verdeau for many years. And they bring news of a coming invasion that threatens the freedom of the entire Krylian basin, Human and Elvish alike. 


In The Bonemender, Gabrielle faces the horrors of the battlefield. In The Bonemender's Oath, the threat is more personal, as both Gabrielle and her brother Tristan must fight for their lives and for those they love. The Bonemender's Choice introduces a new generation and a new land, as Gabrielle and her friends seek to rescue two children kidnapped by seafaring pirates, following them to a land where plague threatens friends and foe alike.

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