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Fiction Awards, Honours & Reviews

Casting Lily

"Casting Lily is more than a story about a play. It is about family, friendship, doing a job well and being authentic. Ava grows as a character, as well as a young person, over the course of the summer…A good read. Highly Recommended." CM Magazine

Resource Links - December 20, 2017

"Bennett has thoroughly researched the process of working with young performers, from the auditions to the warm-ups, the rehearsal schedule and costume challenges, the opening night jitters and emotional reactions to press reviews." Resource Links

Drawn Away

"An absorbing narrative that tempers its dark subject matter with humour . . . A definite crowd-pleaser for fairy-tale enthusiasts and fantasy lovers." – Kirkus Reviews

". . . a quick, absorbing, and chilling read . . . Bennett's strong plot and pacing doesn't sacrifice character development for the three main characters . . . Readers will be feverishly turning the pages toward the climax." – CM Magazine

"Bennett grabs readers immediately and successfully bridges Andersen's classic fairy tale and contemporary YA fiction."  – School Library Journal

"Klara becomes increasingly menacing as the plot unfolds while Jack and Lucy's pursuit of information gains a gripping urgency... a well-drawn mystery/ghost story makes this an inviting quick pick." – Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 


• Nominated for 2013 SYRCA Snow Willow Award
• A 2012 Ontario Library Association "Best Bets" selection




"Suspense ramps up throughout the novel and the climax is compelling . . . A great story of friendship and adversity."

– Tri State Young Adult Book Review Committee


"A fast-paced story of loss, friendship, learning to trust, and letting go, wrapped around an adventure with just a touch of the supernatural." – Library Media Connection


"A rollicking adventure… All kinds of excitement"  – Resource Links


"The music of this narrative becomes a haunting lullaby weaving new and old, one place and another, and diverse people together."

– Speculating Canada


"Holly Bennett has crafted a wonderfully exciting story with great characters that the reader will cheer for. She has an ability to create whole worlds with specific nuances that make them interesting and believable . . . The story moves quickly, with many tense moments that will keep readers turning the pages to a surprising and satisfying conclusion." – CM Magazine


"Bennett has crafted a believable, medieval like world... Suspense rather than action sustains the plot, but a scary climax doesn't disappoint. An appealing fantasy with enough tension to firmly hold readers' interest."  – Kirkus Reviews


"Both Sam and Rowan are developed, realistic characters and their friendship is a source of comedy and emotional dynamics as well as a solution to the book's surface conflict."  – YALSA YA Galley Teen Review


• Shortlisted for the 2011 Sunburst Award for Speculative Fiction
• Nominated for 2011 SYRCA Snow Willow Award
• A Tristate YA Review Group Book of Note 2011
• 2010 Resource Links "The Year’s Best"




"The enchantment of Bennett's interpretation of the legend of Sive is a perfect match to her prose which, at times, is as liquid as we imagine Sive's songs to be."  – VOYA

"A wonderful tale, so masterfully told... When I turned the last page, I sighed with pleasure and regret that the story was over."
– Maree Anderson,

" ... a boldly written, tightly plotted, and hard-edged novel ...  The book is unflinching in its emotional effect ..."  – Quill & Quire

"Shapeshifter has an awful lot going for it. The story is compelling, the characters involving, the plot twists make sense, and the suspense is really, really suspenseful." – Paperjam
"The story itself is beautiful and adventure-filled and Bennett's magic transports us ... Bennett's voice here is confident, her direction clear, she never misses a beat of this rich and gorgeous tale." – January magazine

"I was completely in love with this story from start to finish ... One of my favourite reads all year."  –

"A great story, and one I have to praise highly to anyone who enjoys the type of high fantasy which brings out the truly bright and noble in station of life."  – CM magazine

The Warrior’s Daughter

•  Nominated for a 2009-10 Stellar Teen Book Award, BC’s Teen Reader’s Choice Award
•  On the Resource Links “Best of the Year 2007” list
•  Nominated for a White Pine Award
•  Selected as an Ontario Library Association “Top Ten Novels for Young Adults”
•  Sunburst Award honorable mention
•  Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Best Books for Kids and Teens” list




"Holly Bennett's best book yet... full of interesting, three-dimensional characters."  –

"... told with insight, compassion and skill... Bennett becomes, book by book, an ever more accomplished writer of fantasy"

– Deakin Newsletter

"I was impressed by both the care with which Bennett pays tribute to the compelling mythology of Ireland and also by the zest of the writing ... readers of any age might find this story intriguing."  – Resource Links

"Well-told tale of romance, heartache, war and growing up from an author to watch... Rooted in ancient Irish stories...  [it] maintains a 
wonderful, gentle sense of fantasy. Recommended."  – CM Magazine

"This fantasy book has enough adventure to appeal to a wide variety of readers and thus is worthy of inclusion in school libraries."
 – Library Media Connection

"... Blends myth, history and adventure with intrigue, betrayal, despair and redemption. Luaine is a strong heroine that will appeal to 
readers of myth, Celtic and medieval lore."  – Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books


The Bonemender’s Choice

•  On the Resource Links “Best of the Year 2007” list
•  On the Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Best Books for Kids and Teens” list




“Holly Bennett concludes The Bonemender Trilogy in style, with this wonderful novel... Bennett has authored a fast-paced, multilayered story, which will have readers hooked from the first page.”  – Resource Links


"Readers will be happily awaiting new installments in this engaging series. Highly recommended."  – CM Magazine


“The third volume in the Bonemender series will not disappoint readers... On top of all the magic, adventure, and deeply intimate family honor of the previous two books, Bennett layers additional characters and stories that will hook new readers and leave previous fans wanting more.”  – Kliatt


“Fast-paced and absorbing”  – Booklist


“gripping and exciting... A great series.”  –


“Readers will enjoy this sequel to The Bonemender’s Oath and will quickly become absorbed in a thrilling tale...”  – CM Magazine


The Bonemender’s Oath

•  On the Resource Links "Best of the Year 2006” list
•  Nominated for a 2008-9 Stellar Teen Book Award, BC’s Teen Reader’s Choice Award




"[Holly Bennett's] prose is elegant and her insight into her characters' thoughts and hearts is moving and delightful. Excellent."

– Resource Links


"engaging characters, suspense, a subtle dose of humor and wonderfully descriptive tones... with strong ties to honor, love, family and friendship."  – Kliatt


"a powerful story that will grab the reader's attention and refuse to let go... a highly recommended read."  –


"Readers get a satisfying conclusion to the story... Bennett shows how patience and compassion can bridge cultural barriers..."  



"Readers will find it hard to put the book down... Readers who enjoyed the first book in this high fantasy series will take pleasure in this exciting sequel... Highly Recommended."  – CM Magazine


"... an engaging and enjoyable read..."  – Canadian Book Review Annual

The Bonemender


•  A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age
•  Canadian Children’s Book Centre Starred Selection
•  International Reading Association Children’s Book Award Notable
•  White Pine Award Honour Book



"Bennett has created a new world with people (and elves) who have problems, flaws, and heart. Gabrielle is a wonderfully strong young woman who defies convention as she is not content to simply be a royal princess. Bennett is definitely a fantasy writer to watch."  

– School Library Journal


"... a truly beautiful story that will stay in your mind well after the last page has been read."  – Canadian Children's Book News


"... many twists and surprises to keep readers turning the pages and awaiting the sequel."  – Kliatt


"Bennett crafts a well-written and engaging first novel with multidimensional characters, sure to be enjoyed by fantasy lovers."



"This is one compelling book... Parents and kids will both be talking about 'The Bonemender,' for sure."  – CD Syndicated


"... this first novel by Holly Bennett is well-written and fast-paced. It will appeal to teenaged readers who are looking for a good story in the fantasy genre."Resource Links"Totally engaging, and peopled with interesting and engaging characters. The Bonemender is a strongly told, highly readable, and very enjoyable fantasy."  – Deakin Newsletter


"... a captivating fantasy tale that delivers warm, believable characters who continue to develop throughout the book. . . Readers will no doubt anxiously await the sequel... Highly Recommended."  – CM Magazine


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