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Picture Day

I had a photo shoot for a new headshot today, which I need for my two new books (!!) and also for the magazine I edit (the shot I'm using now is embarrassingly old). There was just one problem. Two problems.

One, I'm photo-phobic, which means I tend to look like a crazed, panic-stricken goose trying to smile my way off the chopping block.

Two, I suck at personal grooming. Oh, for the glory days when my company provided hair and makeup styling! This morning, as I blasted my hair with the blow-dryer, I cursed my hippie teenagerhood and wondered (not for the first time) why, oh why, did I never learn to apply eyeliner properly?

On the plus side, my photographer Jordan ( and her little daughter Nora made it all easy and low stress. Fun, even. There's nothing like playing tag between takes to loosen you up! So I'm actually looking forward to seeing the contacts, hopeful we'll be able to find a shot or two I'm happy with. Fingers crossed.

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