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Two new books on the way!

Poor Jack. It’s hard to make friends at a new school, keep your marks up and deal with a creepy ghost girl at the same time!

My next novel weaves together an old fairy tale, The Little Match Girl, and a Grade 12 kid named Jack. Like Redwing, my new book is a kind of ghost story. But unlike all my other books, it’s a contemporary story set (mostly) in a world pretty much like yours.

This one has been a long time coming, and we are still searching for a good title (did I mention titles are HARD?) – but I've just sent the 2nd set of revisions back to my editor so we are well on the way.

It's still a long wait -- estimated publishing date is Spring 2017. I'll drop some tantalizing details (haha) between now and then.

Meanwhile, I have another book to write in time for a 2017 publication date! This is something completely different for me -- a title for Orca's LIMELIGHTS series on the performing arts, and believe it or not the first time I've had to write a novel on a deadline. Giddy-up!

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